PSA: Apple Users – Set Your (Other) Alarm Clocks

Apple Clock

Hey boys and girls – it’s Apple Guy here! First of all I want to say that it was incredibly heartwarming to have all of the great comments for a pro-Apple user on a BlackBerry site. You guys rock! I planned to do a weekly article but I needed your attention before the weekend so this one’s early.

Now, I know that some of you may have an iOS device. If you’ve had the latest iOS8 update (or even got a new iPhone!) then that’s awesome too. I don’t know about you but besides Apple breaking it with each update to fix the previous one it’s pretty awesome.

As we hit fall (autumn in Biggly’s case), the clocks are going to start changing. This is a big alarm bell for iOS alarm clocks (see what I did there?). You see, Apple has a habit of turning off the alarm clocks when daylight savings changes. It’s been in the news loads of times and the problem nearly always happens on after New Years or when the clocks change. Of course – it’s just a glitch like the BBC say.

Anyway, make sure that you set another alarm that isn’t on your iOS device.

If you want to be somewhere at a specific time Monday morning, I’d suggest using something more reliable. Like a wind-up alarm clock. Or a cockerel.

I like to think of this not as a glitch, but an enhancement. It makes sure that I’m fully aware of what time it is because with all of the other glitches in iOS8 – don’t think that I’ll be waking to the sound of my iPhone on Monday morning.

See? Even when it’s not working as expected, my iPhone is making me, and you other iOS owners, a better person.

Thanks Apple.

  • jrohland

    I used to believe the old cliche even a broken clock is right twice a day. Apple managed to disprove that. Amazing! What iNnovators they are.

    The first thing I learned in advanced programming was how to process time and date data. Maybe they were looking for open power outlets during that lesson.

  • nnik

    Well…as long as there’s a fix

    • Bigglybobblyboo

      There’ll be one in iOS8.

  • Barracuda7772

    iOS has an alarm clock? I thought it was just an app launcher

    • Bigglybobblyboo

      Well, it certainly hasn’t got a phone!