Proof That iPhone Users Just Don’t Know


“iPhone is the best! There’s nothing else out there like it! It’s a model of modern technology”

“Well can your iPhone do this?”

“iPhone sells more!”

And that’s how a conversation usually goes with an iPhonian. We see it nearly everyday. And we wonder, do these users, as consumers, really have no clue about what else is out there? Did they really go spend that much money on a device, without at least shopping around for a bit? Is being popular more important than ensuring your functional?

Apparently for an iPhonian, that’s precisely the case. And some Dutch humorists proved the point.

In the video, we see iPhone user after iPhone user never recognize that the OS on the phone is Android, and that’s sad. I mean, we all know the OS’s take a feature here and there from the others, in fact the last improvements to iOS all had a distinct BlackBerry flavor to them, but anyone that’s spent a few minutes looking at phones should be able to at least identify the OS. Android, iOS, BB10, even WP10 (after the Windows 10 update, I’m assuming this is what Windows Phone will be called now, hehe) all have enough defining characteristics to where they’re easily identifiable.

But I suppose not to iPhone users. They can’t even identify that the OS on the phone isn’t what they use everyday. And Sadly, there’s a couple of Android users, that are quick to point out that their phones ‘do that’ but still don’t recognize it as Android. This is the problem with the marketplace. People just do what they’re told, without thinking for themselves.

To all our iPhone using friends out there, when the phone your using shatters, bends, freezes, or you just get tired of being attached to a wall socket all day, and it’s time to get your next phone? Don’t be an iDiot. Look at BlackBerry.

Source: CNet


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  • Anthony

    It’s pathetic when Android drones indulge in their fantasies of iPhone users actually preferring Android over iOS. locco_smiley_44

  • bartron

    I would love to see them do the same thing but with the BB10 UI.

  • Schmurf

    Bartron, good idea! I would love to see people’s reaction to BB10 on an iPhone. They’d think they died and went to heaven, until they realized it was BB10, then they’d choke on their own words :)