Promys Sees Promise in BlackBerry


Today Promys announced  BlackBerry support for their Promys Anywhere PSA software. And the funny thing is, they didn’t need to.

Promys, a leader in enterprise Professional Services Automation (PSA) software for technology solution providers, announced the release of BlackBerry support for their enterprise PSA software, which can run on any BlackBerry smartphone.

So where do we get this app? The answer to the question is, you don’t. It’s web based software that can be be used by any Internet capable mobile device. In fact, they make it a point that any BlackBerry device is supported, and show a picture of a sharply dressed fellow holding an ancient BlackBerry. And we all know that BB10 has the best mobile browser out there. So there really shouldn’t have been any question of if it would work or not


It shouldn’t be news to Promys that they’re software will work on BlackBerry. In fact, back in January, they wrote a blog post explaining their new device independent ‘anywhere’ software. It’s basically the selling point of their software.

The story here, isn’t really that that Promys’ software will run on BlackBerry. The story is that Promys wanted to announce that it will.

Promys is a company who has their own profits to worry about. They’re a business who’s customers are other businesses. And on a day that stock analysts are claiming a disappointing earnings call tomorrow, and most tech blogs are talking about Apple releasing a 4 inch phone (that’s not a joke, that’s Apple innovation for you) and the next HTC M-something that looks just like the last HTC M-something, this company, trying to make a buck, sees a reason to promote that they’re software will work on BlackBerry.

Feels good doesn’t it?


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  • Great choice and good move. Hopefully more companies pledge support for BlackBerry.