Private Browsing With Tor


Ever want to be completely anonymous when browsing the web? Are you ever concerned about tracking and privacy? The Tor project can add to your security when browsing if you so desire.


Many of us know about the private browsing capability in the awesome BlackBerry 10 built-in browser, and it is excellent. To enable private browsing just click on the icon that looks like two pages on the bottom left of the screen and choose the private browsing option.


You will then get this greeting and info.


After you close your browsing session, all the cookies, cached files, and history are wiped out. Nice!

But what if you want to go further? What if you don’t want your session to know your location/IP address?

The Tor project can help, but what is that?

Tor is a project started in order to give any internet user anonymity online. From their website…

Tor is free software and an open network that helps you defend against traffic analysis, a form of network surveillance that threatens personal freedom and privacy, confidential business activities and relationships, and state security.

To get started we need two apps from Snap/Gplay. They are called Orbot, and Orweb.

Orbot is the mechanism that will create a VPN which will disguise your actual IP address so that whichever site you visit has no clue where you are.

Orweb is the web browser client you use to call up the Orbot VPN service for the Tor network of private and anonymous browsing. Just start Orweb up and you’ll see this.


The first time you do this you will probably see Orbot start up and test.


The Orweb browser uses Duckduckgo as its default search engine. Here’s a pic showing an IP address that is most certainly not mine.


You can check the difference in IP address for yourself at anytime. Just open your browser and search for Whatismyipaddress

At home your address will be different than it is at work, or a friends house, or using your data plan. That being said, your home or work address rarely if ever changes, therefore you can be tracked. The IP address that Orbot/Tor gives you is random and different every time you use it no matter where you are, therefore you cannot be tracked.

Hopefully you can browse a little safer when you need/want to with this info.

Carry on, Dave out.


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