Privacy On Android? There’s Not An App For That


There once was an app called Disconnect Mobile. It was a fine app. An app that gave Android users just a touch of privacy. And it seemed quite popular. Within 5 days of arriving on Google Play, it was downloaded over 5000 times. And at that magical 5 day mark, Google removed the app, because you see, Google does not want users to have privacy.

Disconnect Mobile works by preventing other apps from collecting data on users. However, it is against Google’s rules for apps that interfere with other apps. Read information from other apps? Sure. Collect information from other apps? Definitely! Collect information on the user? Of course! But the minute an app stops these things from happening, it is banned from Google Play. Well, not exactly the minute. It took 5 days. 5 days before someone noticed at Google Play that this app violated one of their rules and pulled it. Thank goodness it wasn’t malware! Think of how many users could have been affected by some nasty malware within 5 days!

We know how Google makes money off of their open source free-to-use Android operating system. They do this through the collection of information and advertising. And it appears that they have pulled this app by categorizing it as an ad blocker.

The co-founder of Disconnect Mobile stated in a blog post:

“Disconnect focuses on protecting people from invisible tracking and sources of malware, and all too often these threats come in the form of advertising.

The fact is, we are not opposed to advertising and think advertising plays a critical role in the Internet economy. But we are 100% opposed to advertising that invisibly tracks people and compromises their security.

Sounds like that would be a great app to have on Android! If Google allowed it.

While Google has not commented on the take down of the app, it was noted that the app could be obtained outside the Google Play store. Yet Android users are always quick to point out that your run in to a high risk of malware if you’re getting apps from third party app stores. Wow, it must be tough to be an android user.

source: Business Insider


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