Privacy, BBM vs Facebook? Which do you choose?


I realize this an apples-to-oranges comparison, although with Facebook’s popularity as a platform for messaging and ‎creating social groups, I decided to compare some of the features of the two different social platforms. So let’s get started, shall we?
I’ve never understood the popularity of Facebook. Why do people feel the need to divulge their personal lives on a public forum? They freely give up everything there is to know about themselves, their life history – including birth date, hometown, and schools they’ve attended – anniversaries, pictures of their children, even their favorite books and movies. Do they realize what they are handing over to Facebook? To the interwebs? To faceless giants like FB and Google? Or worse, to online predators?!
Sure, you can choose to not share the aforementioned, or you can try navigating through Facebook’s so-called privacy settings. Even you do manage to set all of the privacy settings to maximum, your Facebook profile is still an open book to the public, all the while FB is data mining your information and your every move.
I’ve brought this up many times with friends and family, yet many still hang onto Facebook. Their reasoning is that this is how they keep in touch with family and friends, or they only use Facebook because of a certain group they belong to, yet all of this can be accomplished through BBM and BBM Channels.
You can do all of this and so much more on BBM. BBM, in conjunction with Channels, has become a social powerhouse in my opinion, and one that allows you to truly control who sees what.
Many of the features available in BBM are under-utilized, such as creating a BBM group, shared calendar, and creating a BBM Channel.
Once you create a group you can safely and securely share photos, create a shared calendar, task list, reminders, chores and more. I belong to several BBM groups, which vary from simple social ones, to a work group and family groups (including one for myself, wife and kids, which comes in quite handy for keeping track of schedules, calenders and chores for our children).
I also created one for work, it’s great for keeping track of who’s off, on holidays, running late, or simply relaying messages.

My eldest son has created a BBM group and private BBM Channel for his high school basketball team, so much more effective than the FB group they have. I regret joining their group as they never stop chatting, night and day!

If you value your privacy, you can do as I did several years ago and created a private, by-invitation-only BBM Channel. When you create a private BBM  Channel, it is truly private. It does not show up in any search engines and the only ones who know it exist, are yourself and the people you choose to invite.‎ When it comes to family, I chose privacy.
I choose BBM as my social medium!
What about yourself, our readers, what is your preferred social medium?



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