Priv security update now available!


Hot off the press, BlackBerry are today pushing out the next round of security updates for the Priv, proving yet again they are one of, if not the first Android OEM to push out the monthly security updates from Google. This is great to see: they are keeping on top of of security and privacy as promised. This update was showing as a 20.9mb download, and contains security enhancements. At time of writing this no official change log was listed. If you haven’t recieved notification yet, go to Settings/About Phone/System updates to check if it is available.


Long time lover of all things BlackBerry, from the Bold 9000 thru to the Passport and now the Priv. Always dreaming of the next new BlackBerry to add to my collection. Had the rest, now got the best!

  • ray689

    Is this for a particular carrier Wayno? Because Shop BlackBerry devices received the April security patch early last week I believe.

  • ray689

    My carrier (Sasktel) just pushed it.

  • Wayno

    Hi Ray,
    I can’t be 100% certain as I couldn’t find any info on actual release date but I only got it last night and figured this was the April update.