Priv by BlackBerry vs iPhone 6s


How does the Priv by BlackBerry compare to the iPhone 6s? We’d love to do a side by side review, but no one at UTB is willing to spend a dime on a new iPhone, so that’s a comparison you won’t see here.

Unfortunately, all phones seem to be compared to the iPhone. And while personally, I don’t feel that the iPhone stacks up well even when compared to feature phones, most reviewers will praise the iPhone as the top device out there. Why? Well it could be bias, I can understand that. After all, I have a bias for all things BlackBerry, but I simply don’t understand someone steeped in tech actually holding an iPhone in high regards. Wouldn’t that be like being a fan of a car that’s missing a wheel, the doors, and a windshield? One thing is certain, I would not be a good candidate for an iPhone- BlackBerry comparison.

But I found someone that is

YouTube channel Total Tech offers an amazingly unbiased side by side review of both devices. You can tell the reviewer has actually used and enjoys both devices, but at the end, one device ends up in his hand, the other becomes a lawn dart. Watch below, and as always, share with your iPhonian friends.


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  • Mzceetee13

    Understandable perception with the BlackBerry Priv and the IPhone I agree Brad , can’t be done, more like comparing apples to oranges, that cannot be practically compared either.

  • Anthony

    More bang for your buck with the PRIV.

    The guy showed Touchwiz on the iPhone. The PRIV has app icons you can swipe to show information snippets.

    • Anthony

      not Touchwiz…3D Touch locco_smiley_44

  • jrohland

    All iPhones are overpriced useless junk. The worst BlackBerry is better than any iPhone. I don’t know what the worst BlackBerry is but, the Priv is not it.

    • Martin

      Very subtle, and I normally don’t jump to conclusions, but I get the feeling you don’t care for iToys.

  • newcollector

    I really like this guy and how he reviews phones. Very fair. I just subscribed to his channel.

    • Martin

      Same here!

  • Atmari

    Excellent! I’m going to have to subscribe the dude because he’s good at making unbiased reviews

  • DonMariano

    I already watched the video and read the viewer comments, it was a fair and unbiased review although I think the iPhone 6S would have been the better phone for this comparison. The reviewer tossed away the iPhone and declared the Priv the winner near the end of the video, he got huge props from the viewers for that.

    • Brad

      How about a spoiler alert there Don!

  • fishlove73

    Nice review, however, I still feel my Passports are better than the 6s ;-)

  • DonMariano

    Sorry about that Brad, but it felt great to see the iCrap so casually tosses away.

  • Gebco

    That iPhone landed on the grass. His next video will be a how-to on iPhone screen replacement.

    • Brad

      Lol! Comment of the day!

  • Martin

    What a pleasant surprise to see an unbiased review regarding a BlackBerry device.
    He also has a humorous review titled ‘BlackBerry PRIV three days later’ a definite must watch!