Priv by BlackBerry Get’s Some Impressive Screen Time

In case you missed it, like I did, the Priv by BlackBerry received some quality screen time at tonight’s Democratic primary debate. Luckily, I got to see it in my Twitter timeline.

BlackBerry has taken what what could be considered a strange approach to marketing. Strange in that they haven’t simply thrown a few commercials on television. Instead, they have taken to social media, they took to internet advertising, and more recently some incredible billboards,


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Hide. BlackBerry #PRIV #PrivacyOn

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Advertising on the sides of busses

Fall in love again BlackBerry #PRIV powered by #Android available @att

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#PRIV busses being prepped for the holiday rollout throughout America.

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Even sponsoring star studded events!

And yet many in our community have been upset. Upset that BlackBerry hasn’t marketed to their liking. Essentially, upset that there’s not commercials on TV, or that they don’t believe that the images used by BlackBerry are up to par. The primary complaint has been that social media is not enough. And what must be recognized, is that those that are saying this is not an acceptable marketing strategy, are using also using social media to attempt to make a name for themselves. In truth, we are too. Why? Because it is effective. I’ll let you readers in on a little hint. The vast majority of our traffic, since the beginning of UTB, comes to us from social media.

Social media seems to be the choice of advertisers nowadays. Standard Media Index, a company which tracks the spending of 80% of U.S. agencies witnessed an increase in advertising across all media this November compared to last November. The percentage of increase is very telling.

Television advertising saw a very respectable increase, much more so than I would have believed. Specifically, Cable TV had an increase of 18%, Broadcast TV saw a 15% increase, Spot TV 11%, Syndication saw a very respectable 25% increase, Local Cable beat them all with a 28% increase over last year. All together, TV advertising saw an increase if 17%.

Very impressive until you see the increase on the digital side. Let’s run through these amazing numbers. Content/Search increased 20%, Ad Networks at 41%, Digital TV networks 21%, Internet radio 76%. Very impressive! But you haven’t seen anything yet. Video sites saw an increase of 92%. And the ultimate winner in the game of who had the biggest advertising spend increase? Social media sites, with a whopping 116%. In all, digital advertising saw an increase of 37% versus TV’s 17%.

Now, of course, we are talking increase in spend. Does that mean these advertisers spent more dollars on digital than it did on television? Of course not. And I doubt they did. I am making nothing more than a guess in assuming television advertising probably costs more than digital/social media advertising. But what we can safely ascertain from these numbers is what these companies see as a better medium to increase their investment.

So if you hear BlackBerry isn’t marketing, be assured they are. If you hear that they are marketing incorrectly, just know that they are focusing in the realms that are seeing the most growth. One again, BlackBerry, under the leadership of John Chen is following that old work place slogan, ‘work smarter not harder’. And for those that simply won’t budge in their ideas and would rather lambaste BlackBerry instead of seeing the almost miraculous recovery that is taking place… fine.

The Priv was on TV.

Happy now?


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  • nnik

    Many of these guys will not be happy untill BlackBerry does things the way THEY see fit. That’s why the Agentchckletrolls of the world will be running a company soon.

  • mikelcal

    Don’t forget good morning America and Raptors Games.

    • Brad

      Very true! Forgot about those while typing away. Glad to finally see you here Mikel.

  • KING_Kia

    Now it is time for a Secure Android tablet “Priv tablet”!!! I am sticking with BB10 and upgrading my Q10 to a Leap “bigger screen & better battery”.

  • SipoKapumba

    We’re getting there, slow and steady. Priv sales should pick up in the current quarter, with a wider global roll out and as people buy over Christmas following this advertising and recent celebrity endorsements.

  • BB Racer !!

    NFL playoffs, 60 Minutes, NHL Saturday hockey, NBC Today Show..lots of eyeballs here…lots !!!

  • Anthony

    All of this advertising looks really great. locco_smiley_10

    The PRIV has a great camera. It needs the ability to name pictures right there in the app and then find it with BlackBerry Search. Hemdroids would surely appreciate it. locco_smiley_20

  • AlaskaDevin

    Who watches TV networks anymore? My family haven’t had cable TV in years. With this cool invention called the Internet, along with the “showbox” app we get all our shows and movies commercial free. Daily news is viewed via everyone’s BlackBerry Passport. This includes my elderly parents.
    So when I read the articles from other media outlets complaining about lack of TV commercials I was taken back. The authors are all younger than me and they all watch TV. Archaic idea if you ask me. This is the dawn of 2016.

  • alan510

    The ad campaign looks like it’s nicely focused. A big effort is needed in the US as that is such a key media and consumer market. I guess last night’s ads suggest BlackBerry still isn’t going after the selfie crowd. Lol.

  • Ninja

    But some armchair CEOs said that BlackBerry’s ads are not good and they say that they really love BlackBerry. I agree with you, it’s illogical.