Priv by BlackBerry Autoloaders Coming Soon


Can you reload the OS on the Priv by BlackBerry?  This was a question posed in our forums a few weeks back. The answer was no. And it looks like that is about to change.

Over on the BlackBerry Knowledge Base, instructions for how to reload the OS on the Priv was posted today. Directions state to download the autoloader for your Priv from a URL which is to be provided soon.

Why would someone need to reload the OS? There are any number of reasons. However I’m left wondering after the history BlackBerry has had with getting carriers to release OS updates to their users, if this can’t be used in case carriers continue this trend with the Android powered devices?  With the next update currently in the hands of carriers, I suppose it won’t be long before we find out.

To read the post at the BlackBerry Knowledge Base click here


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  • ivantwilliams

    Now this could be rather interesting! I hope even though I have an AT&T version, I can still load this once it is available. Here’s hoping we could get around the ‘bloatware’ issue. Well, one can dream, no?

    • Brad

      I’m having those same dreams Ivan. Lol

  • This is Huge!


  • SipoKapumba

    Interesting development. I’m thinking of getting the Priv one day, perhaps on its first anniversary. I’m sure the price will have dropped by then.