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  • Robert


  • Chaplain_Clancy

    I’m not a big fan of the soundtrack.

  • Like the little robot with the black shield at the end.

  • FallingTitan


  • veeru789

    Good to see the secured boot unlike other androids which boot fast but not safe.

  • xBURK

    Not bad I’d say. :)

  • fishlove73

    I’m just speculating here but it looks like a secure boot…like veeru789 said. It is quite a nice looking device.

    • Canuckvoip

      No speculation required. Def a secure boot with software/hardware signing.

  • nnik

    One big issue I was hoping someone would mention is; yes, it’s a secure boot by all indications….but I’m guessing most android users won’t understand this as a very good thing and only complain able the speed.

  • Schmurf

    It’s interesting, but I like the BlackBerry boot where it tells you what it’s doing. I’d like to see that, just so it could blow the typical Androidian mind :D

  • The_Alpha_Geek

    I thought I was being hypnotized for a minute there, lol!

    Seriously, love the secure boot. And the little green robot holding the shield.

  • SipoKapumba

    Coming from BB10, this will take getting used to, but it is fancier than the HTC M7 booting up by far. That’s the only Android I have seen boot up in real life.

  • Zensen

    Looks OK.. It could have been something Sony could have used for the playstation, just needed an ‘X’.

    BlackBerry 10 load up screen is far more functional and useful.

  • jrohland

    If I had a Priv I would hope to rarely see it–like I rarely see my BB10 boot up. Unfortunately it is Android, Priv users will probably see it too often.

  • kpbutton

    I like it. I don’t see boot up screens often enough to worry about the time. The Android with the shield is the best part.

  • SipoKapumba

    Like Schmurf said, it would have been better if the device explained what it was doing as it was booting up, as is the case with BB10, then, the boot-up would not seem as long. Clearly, it is connecting to the secure BlackBerry network, hence the long time it is taking to boot up fully.

  • Anthony

    The boot needs to be entertaining for android users if it’s a common occurrence.

  • Zensen

    Wording at the bottom explaining what it was doing ‘setting security blah blah’ with a percentage next to it.

  • Alan

    I like it. Entertaining enough, but like has already be said music sucks, and with explanation would have been best.