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Like many of you I was more than just a little curious about the Priv. Originally a BlackBerry user, work requirements demanded I used an android. While they were generous enough to provide a phone, having to use an android to handle 150+ emails per day, meetings, teleconferences, etc demanded efficiencies that android simply couldn’t deliver. I hung in as best I could, but eventually convinced IT to allow a BlackBerry back onto their server (tho’ it would not be supported by the help line).

Fast forward to the present and my Passport SE remains an awesome beast of a phone with more than enough guts to keep pace with the most hectic life. Against the advice of many die-hard BlackBerry users I took the plunge and purchased a Priv. While I had the Passport to fall back on I promised myself I would diligently use the Priv as a daily driver for one day per week, then two, and keep increasing the usage until I was up to an entire week. Having a background in ‘android’ (HTC, Samsung, etc) I found the transition much easier than I thought.

The Priv is more than capable to keep up but it did require some change of habits. The lack of Blend (in spite of its’ listing in Google Play) is difficult to get used to and I would strongly recommend BlackBerry make this powerful tool available to its’ new android user-base. The lack of swipe-gestures creates a small learning curve but the navigation buttons are easy enough to master as is navigating via ‘the Hub’. There is no native file manager so I would recommend playing with various free apps until you determine which best suits your needs.

Speaking of apps below is a partial listing of the ‘Native’ BlackBerry apps that are currently available in Google Play. As you can see there are a few to assist in the transition and in your day-to-day use , but more are coming on board all the time (including updates). As an FYI, I don’t use DTEK any more as I don’t have any apps that access permissions.




Time to sign out and get back to my Priv. While it is not OS10 it is the best that android has to offer and that’s not bad at all.

So if you prefer Android-

and require Security-

demand a Priv!!


Why not head over to Google Play and check out the BlackBerry apps here.


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  • Anthony

    Which apps forced you to use Android?

    • razrrob


      The entire global corporation (>100,000 people) lost the ability to use BlackBerry when they downgraded to android or iOS only phones for work.

      Typical corporate behavior