Priv App Updates

Priv owners should have seen two BlackBerry app updates today.


BlackBerry services saw an update that shows minor bug fixes as the only change. BlackBerry services is the foundation which other BlackBerry apps use in order to work. If anyone notices any changes in their Priv, be sure to share here.


The BlackBerry Content Transfer app was also updated, with a more descriptive change log. The Content Transfer app now sees the ability to;

•Transfer text messages and email accounts fro an Android device to a BlackBerry device powered by Android

•Transfer tasks and email accounts from a BlackBerry 7 device to a BlackBerry device powered by Android

•A progress indicator will show approximately how long the transfer will take.

•If the user uses a media card or Google Drive to transfer content, they can now see how much space is available.

Good stuff, can’t wait for the next set of BlackBerry Android app updates!


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