Prisma Receives Update Available in Google Play Store

Prisma is an amazing photo effects app we can use on our BlackBerry Android devices. It received an update that makes it even better!

I’ve never been one for the various filter apps you can find out there. To be honest, I never really understood all those “let’s make my photos look like I just pulled them out of a thirty year old trunk found at the bottom of the ocean” Instagram filters. But to each their own I suppose. Prisma, on the other hand, I love.

Prisma takes the idea of photo filters to a whole new level. Prisma doesn’t just tweek the colors of your image, or add some flare overlay on top of it. It seems to intelligently repaint the photo.

There was an issue with Prisma’s first android version though. It was slow. It was incredibly slow. It was so slow it sometimes just didn’t seem worth using. Through multiple updates, Prisma has sped up quite a bit. Part of the issue is that Prisma needs data access to properly render your images. That has changed in the newest update.

Now, according to the changelog, more than half of Prisma’s filters are available for use offline, and the app only needs data access to download the styles. Future updates will include video editing effects. In fact, this feature is currently available in a beta test mode on iOS. That still doesn’t make an iPhone worth it. But I am eagerly awaiting this update on android.

On a Priv or DTEK50? I would strongly recommend Prisma. It’s great fun.

See some samples of Prisma in action below.

prisma1 prisma2 prisma3 prisma4 prisma5

You can grab Prisma from the Google Play Store


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