PrintHand Helps Get The Word Out


Ever been reading a document on your phone and wanting to print it right then and there?
PrintHand by Dynamix USA can help you out.

This app will let you print any document that resides on your phone, or any document you can access with your file manager of choice! That obviously includes anything BlackBerry Link has access to, but all of your cloud services as well. Before we go any further, yes this is a port, but it works nicely.

I decided to test out the Google Cloud Print service for this blog (yeah I know). I also decided that I’d complicate it by using a USB printer that is on my son’s PC downstairs. OK… I’m a rebel, I had added it with my home network settings. That being said, this will work with any printer your PC has installed.


The first thing I did was to go to settings in Google Chrome, and choose “Advanced settings” at the bottom. That opened up the opportunity to add printers using the Google Cloud Print “Manage” button.


I needed to add a “Classic” printer because it is connected via USB to a PC on my network. A printer that is Internet addressable is a story for another day.

Chrome will by default add every printer that you have installed on your PC.

Now that we have Google Cloud Print setup, it’s a simple matter of downloading PrintHand in BlackBerry World and getting it to see your printers. I obviously chose to use “Google Cloud Printers” in the app settings, and picked my son’s Brother HL-2240 as the device.


Adding printers is easy!


All of that went smoothly with no issues, and basically you’re done!

You are now able to navigate to any printable document and use the ubiquitous “share” function to send it to PrintHand! Simple as that.


Some may balk at the 4.99 price tag. I didn’t, I just needed to get some work done, and for less than many spend for a daily coffee, I now have mobile printing.


Oh look, it’s the 2014 fishing license I created and downloaded online with my Z30. I have it saved on my phone of course, but those pesky DFO guys like paper copies. Go figure…


Options abound!


Happy Printing!




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  • nnik

    I have been using print hand for some time now…. works with many wireless printers

  • ray689

    Great post. I wasn’t aware of this, thanks canuck.

  • Chaplain_Clancy

    This is excellent. Hopeful of a native app!

  • BB Racer !!

    my problem is if i have to print more then one page in a PDF document it only prints page one only …the all page seems not to work. Will try again

    • Canuckvoip

      Hey BB Racer, might I suggest uninstalling the app and re-installing?
      Apparently the latest version fixes that issue.

  • Omnitech

    PrintHand seems to be the best printing solution for BB10 right now, so it’s definitely handy. Though I wish they would make a native version. (Currently it’s an Android port)

    Though I would not route my print jobs through the Googleplex for love or money. :P I print all my jobs locally to network-attached printers.

  • BB4edge

    I’ve been using PrintHand on my BB for awhile now. Did I miss a point in the article? Why would I want to print to a USB connected printer using Google? PrintHand has a small print client that can be installed to the USB connected PC on their website. Then print to your heart’s content…

    • Canuckvoip

      True BB4edge.
      I was merely trying a more complicated scenario because… I can!
      Thanks for reading, and for stating what I should have in the article!


      • BB4edge

        Ok…well…carry on with your fine self then! Lol :)