Pride of Ownership


Its all about pride of ownership…..for some. It’s all about a making a buck for others.  I suppose what I am trying to say is that some people, me for sure and hopefully you.  Take pride in what they own.  We are happy to show off our hard-earned possessions.  We can explain to you every intricate detail.

Most of the time we take honour when others decide to purchase the same item based on our advice.  With a lot of things the options are very similar, the value of a Honda is not that much different from that of a Toyota.
There are other items with very obvious differences in quality and feature or functionality, nevertheless, the guy with the Chevy is still out there polishing finish right beside the guy with the Bentley.

My question to you is, how often do you go by a GM dealership and see the sales staff proclaiming what a POS a Corvette is? Have you been to say…Walmart and seen them hide Sony TV’s under the counter while the Sharp widescreens are proudly displayed?  Do you feel forced to buy Pepsi because your grocer has decided they didn’t feel like stocking Coke?  Does this all seem silly? Maybe, but it is what BlackBerry enthusiasts have endured for the past couple of years.

Not only that, the stock markets is being manipulated (or tried to be) by those thinking they could make a quick buck by short selling the stock.

Last….but not least; we have the self proclaimed fan-sites.  Real winners some of those dudes.  Well some of those guys….you know who you are; they’ve decided it would be a great idea to just post whatever gets them hits to their site….talk about prostitution.  How can that work in any world?  The largest site has lost many of its readers to this practice and now one of the smaller ones is following suit.  I’m not surprised there, mostly because one of the main writers uses an iPhone as a personal device.  I am trying to figure out how somebody so well informed in the world of smartphones can be so miss-guided in their purchase decision?  I really think I have ranted enough here but its been a long time coming.


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