Press Release- PRIV by BlackBerry Now Runs on Android Marshmallow




Waterloo, Ontario

Today BlackBerry announced the android operating system ‘Marshmallow’ is now available on phones purchased from ShopBlackBerry. Key enhancements include-

  • Raising the Standard for Privacy and Security


  • Enhanced BlackBerry Keyboard


  • Know What You Want, When You Want


  • More Battery Life


  • Engage Your Creative Side




kayaker co-pilot Tucson, it's a dry heat!

  • Wayno

    Great news! The beta didn’t last long, BlackBerry working hard to get this out to Priv owners. Ahead of most other manufacturers too!

  • Jope28

    Glad they got that stuff out of their system.

    Now to keep BB10 release on its schedule after the delay.
    Not because there are any big changes coming in 10.3.3, but just for the sake of ‘feeling’ the love lol.

    Although the BB10 Browser could use an update since the Browser is my most used app.
    Web Apps on my Passport are my choice whenever possible, but some don’t play nice with the BB10 browser.