POTUS on Twitter, Tweets Cause a Flutter

The President of the United States joined Twitter today. Of course, President Barack Obama already had a Twitter presence. There is a @BarackObama Twitter address ran by Organizing for Action staff, promising any tweets by the president would be signed -bo. And of course there is the @WhiteHouse Twitter address, which also proclaims any tweets by the president would be signed -bo.

Now, the office of the President of the United States has it’s own Twitter adress, @POTUS. This address is owned by the office, and once Obama leaves his position, the next president and staff will take over.

On the first tweet from the account proved to be a newsmaker in itself.


You see, Twitter for iPhone! And the internet was aflutter! The president on an iPhone? Why, he’s a BlackBerry user! He will make helicopters wait as he trots back to make sure he doesn’t leave home without it.

Well rest easy BlackBerry fans. The President still uses a BlackBerry. The Twitter account belongs to the office, and will be manned by staff. And in this case, as confirmed by staff to Buzzfeed,  the tweet was done using an iPhone registered to the Executive Office of the President. Of which I’m sure there are many.

However the President himself, still uses his ultra secure BlackBerry. Now the question remains, will we see tweets from Obama’s BlackBerry? I tend to doubt it. Obama’s BlackBerry is set to be, as stated above, ultra secure. It went through extensive testing from the NSA to ensure that the President’s communications remained secure, and I somehow doubt they would sign off on having a social network app installed on the phone. In a world of security, social networks ensure there are no secrets. So it makes much more sense to have a social network on a ‘burner phone’ that would have no access to secure communications. Like pharmacology students counting M&M’s instead of medications. Like soldiers using wooden guns for drill practice. A phone which will not be mistakenly picked up and used in place of a secure phone.

A toy phone.

And the iPhone now has a place in the White House.


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