Popularity of BBM Shop Skyrocketing



When the BBM shop first launched there were some who predicted this would not be a successful venture for BlackBerry. Many argued this strategy claiming that it was detrimental to BBM.

Recently Inside Blackberry shed some light on the numbers and they are staggering and growing at an astounding rate.

Since we released the BBM Shop in early 2014, traffic has been increasing. Today, 72% of users with access to BBM Shop interact with our “virtual goods” (stickers, music, games, etc.) each month. In total, virtual goods have generated more than 3 billion total impressions, racking up more than a billion every month. The first billion took 5.5 months. The second billion took 3 months. The third billion took less than a month. 

Wow those numbers and more importantly the growth rate are astounding.  72% interaction rate is a very impressive number.  I can’t begin to guess what sort of revenues these numbers translate into but I believe at this rate the monetization strategy is well under way and on going to expand from here.

Will we see BBM money globally soon? I don’t know the answer to that but I am willing to bet there are some other monetization strategies coming down the pipe.

Head over to the BBM shop to see what the fuss is all about. Although judging by the numbers, most of you likely have already.