Poor Jonathon – EVEN MORE Great Indonesian BlackBerry Marketing!


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Ok, now no swooning or fainting for those of you in the West but after we posted the last 3 videos Wow! More Great BlackBerry Marketing we thought that might be it and, we suspect you did too.

After all, BlackBerry phones appearing in great ads?

Once or twice if you are lucky!

How wrong could we be?

Here’s even more great Indonesian marketing showing off the BlackBerry Z3 in all it’s glory…

And doesn’t it look cool?

Please Mr Chen, can we have some of this around here?

BlackBerry Z3, Jakarta Edition : Official TVC (Soccer)

BlackBerry Z3, Jakarta Edition : Official TVC (Stand Up Comedian)

Now remember what our resident iDiot said about the BlackBerry Z3?

On May 13th?

On Bloomberg TV?


Let me remind you.

Resident iDiot Speaks

The Z3 wouldn’t sell. It has no Android apps. BlackBerry just ‘isn’t cool.’

Wrong again, Mr Geller.

It sold out, runs Android apps and, by the looks of things, is VERY COOL INDEED!

So, the evidence says, if Jonathon says anything about BlackBerry on BGR or Bloomberg…

Believe the opposite.


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