Pokémon Go Takes the Nat Geo Approach

The still somewhat popular app brings a new advertisement that will have you thinking you’re watching a wildlife special.

Pokémon GO was one of the most popular mobile apps ever. For those of us that didn’t play it, and watched others play it, it was almost one of the most annoying apps ever. While I would rather the app just disappear into the history books, it’s still going, and still somewhat popular. Surprisingly, a new video advertisement has been released, which I actually like.

The new video doesn’t really bother with any of those boring things like gameplay. No, this video takes a much different approach. Between the soundtrack, the rolling video, and the voiceover, you’ll think for a moment that you’re watching a National Geographic wildlife special. That is until you notice the animals on your screen are Pokémon.

Apparently, we get to see the Pokémon in their natural habitat. It’s a little funny, a little cute, and very original. While I can’t see this advertisement really pushing people to play the game if they aren’t already, it’s surely enough to remind us about the game. And that may just be all that they’re trying to do.

Are you a player? Will this get you playing again?

Pokémon GO


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