Poisoning Your Own Well… Brilliant


Yet again another so called site is displaying the “news” and promoting the negative spin of what is happening with our Blackberry Platform.  Most people do know that “statistics” for anything can be skewed one way or another, its all a matter of what numbers you want to report into your particular statistic at that time.  This is why when we here at UTB if we are relaying “stats” we try and show you the numbers of which they are taken from.  Take a look at another sites “Blackberry news” of how the UK’s loyalty has “dropped”  and how an “overwhelming majority — a staggering 66% — say they intend to upgrade from a BlackBerry device to an iPhone.”

Yes, we know many are moving from a legacy BB device to iPhones and other platforms, but WHY?  Could it be due to carriers that do NOT carry BB10 devices? News articles like this that keep proclaiming that Blackberry is “Dead”? Stores that do not have any BB10 units to show that they are there let alone what they are capable of??  It is not that legacy users want to drink the Kool-Aid, but they are forced into it for lack of knowing.  It is news sources, tech sites, and even some of our fellow “fan sites” that are not pushing the positive information and news out there so users and would be users even know what is out there at their disposal.

So yet again, I urge you, our readers and refugees from these other “fan sites” to help US out here at UTB and spread the word of Blackberry is ALIVE AND WELL!  Give back the Kool-Aid and lets have a real drink that will not poison ourselves. Spread and share positive articles, ours and any others, leave the negative one sided Blackberry is dead stuff at the front door, we don’t want it, as we are sure you don’t want it either.

Keep Calm and BB10 ON!!!!

Miles @mopar_fxr