A Plethora of Priv Prophylactics

Many Excellent Priv Options

I am a bit of a case junkie. In fact, I just counted and have 55 cases combined total for my Priv, Q20, Z30, Q10, Z10 and PlayBook. I often carry my Priv naked, but will also use a case, depending on my mood. I have picked up nine cases for my Priv in the past 5 months, and am offering my input on them here, in a rather unplanned video below.

I have been using these cases for about as long as I’ve had my Priv, so I’ve had plenty of time to get a feel for them.

The cases I’m reviewing are, in order of when they’re mentioned in the video:

* BlackBerry Pocket Pouch
* BlackBerry Flip Shell
* BlackBerry Slide Out Hard Shell
* Seidio Surface and Holster
* Seidio Spring Clip Holster
* Incipio Case Gray
* Yaker Frosted Crystal Hard Case
* Luxury PU Leather Pouch Case Belt Clip Holster
* Verizon OEM Shell Holster Stand Combo

All of the options above are available on Amazon except the Luxury PU Leather Pouch, which I can only find on eBay right now.

All of the above cases are recommended except for the Verizon OEM Shell and Holster.

I hope my video offers some good input for you and information to consider when you choose a case for your Priv.

Editorial Note: The BlackBerry Slide Out Hard Shell is actually slightly wider (by millimeters) than the Seidio Surface Case. This changes my judgment to not recommended as the Seidio is superior in every way. The BlackBerry case is flimsy, can be slippery with cold hands, and ruins some hard screen protectors, like the Vikoo Full Screen Tempered Glass Screen Protector. It always felt smaller to me, for some reason, but now that I know it isn’t, I have to say I do not recommend it.

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