Please Welcome Craig David To The UTB Family!

Looking Good Craig…

Yes, my friends, it’s the secret we’ve been keeping close to our chest for some time now.

And what a CHEST!

Celebrated model, bodybuilder, songster and all-round Noughties pin up Craig David has agreed to join UTB on a permanent basis and we think you’ll love his long rambling style despite people at his previous blog complaining of narcolepsy around the 8th paragraph.

Due to such criticism Craig felt that he wasn’t appreciated and approached us, so we reassured him with some sodas and Jelly Tots that all would be well.

And don’t think that just because he didn’t hang around there that he won’t be off at the drop of a hat! Oh, no! It was all a misunderstanding, as Craig explains here:

‘I’d agreed to pop in and do a few articles. I’m a very fast typer and they were super impressed with my output, even lauding me as the next big thing! I had already tried to explain that my parking ticket was about to run out and I had to go, but by that time the whole thing had gotten out of control. By the time I had to leave a clean break was the only way. That’s when I approached UTB for a fresh start.’

Well, I think we can all agree that that clears that up.

So, welcome Craig, who knows what you will come up with next??!!

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