Pinterest Joins the Purge

Google and Twitter aid Pinterest in the latest tech purge of political discussion.

This week, Pinterest joined the purge. One of the more boring social networks, decided that they too would work to silence political discussion that they did not agree with. Google and Twitter helped to silence the news of this latest purge.

It started with a whistle blower. Pinterest engineer Eric Cochran provided Project Veritas chilling internal documents which showed that Pinterest had labeled anti-abortion group Live Action as pornography, blocking it from their system. In addition to this, the company had labeled the Orthodox Jewish pundit Ben Shapiro as white supremacist. As the information started to flow out about the purge, Google and Twitter chose to staunch the flow.

Twitter temporarily suspended Project Veritas’ Twitter account, and did not reinstate it until they had removed the tweet divulging the information about Ben Shapiro citing rules about posting private information. Google’s YouTube removed Project Veritas’ video entirely.

Pinterest has terminated the employment of the whistle blower, and has responded that they had banned Live Action due to “medical misinformation and conspiracies that turn individuals and facilities into targets for harassment or violence.” They have stated that the pornography label is left over from legacy systems utilized to place things on block lists.

Pinterest has become just the latest in the social media realm that is choosing which side of a purely political discussion is allowed to be heard, and who will be silenced. And this time, Twitter and Google worked together to halt the spread of news of the purge. As the US ramps up to the 2020 election, social media is committing true election meddling.


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