Pini : In the end, in smartphones, Software is the most important factor

Ralph Pini, BlackBerry Mobility Solutions COO, published a blog post on the BlackBerry official blog in which he refers to the news that BlackBerry will outsource future device manufacture and design to partners.

BlackBerry already have one device that released with TCL – the DTEK50, and DTEK60 will be the same. Pini writes:

I have been in the device business for many years, and I can tell you at the end of the day, no matter the screen size, color or form factor, what’s most important to our customers is the software. Ultimately, the future of the smartphone industry is about ‘the smart’ in the phone, and less about the form factor.

These days the only difference between devices is the software, as most devices look alike and have the same features and specs. BlackBerry sees the “X-Factor” lies in the software, because that’s what makes one company different from another and can mark one as better than the other

The Mobility Solutions COO talks about the new partners in Indonesia, and how this market is very important to the company because this the biggest market for BlackBerry device and has been for years. The same applies for BBM – Indonesia has long been home to large numbers of users.

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Roy Shpitalnik

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