Are Your Pictures Not Saving Correctly? Check Out Extend for BlackBerry 10 Devices

Do you have issues saving pictures and not being able to view them because the file extension is not saved with the picture?

BlackBerry 10 is an awesome OS but one tiny bug was always driving me mad. When saving pictures from BBM group chats, the picture was never able to be opened or viewed because the file extension was missing when the file was saved. I had to open the File Manager app, navigate to the picture and select rename to add the extension “.jpg”. Then the picture was viewable.

When saving lots of pictures that were shared in groups, this became quite cumbersome. Today, I discovered a great new app by CellNinja called “Extend”. This app is available now for FREE.

Extend will go through your device looking for picture files that are missing the extension and will automatically add the right extension to make it viewable in both the File Manager app and the Pictures app. It supports JPG, BMP, GIF, ICO, PNG and TIFF files. It will work with any picture file that you have saved or downloaded from anywhere, not just BBM groups.

The app is very small in size at only 2.8 MB. You don’t need to keep it open or minimised as an active frame for it to work, it just works in the background. There are no settings to worry about, just install it and you can hide it away on an unused screen or in a folder if you wish.


It requires minimal permissions at install, only asking for access to shared files and to run in background. These are required to search your picture files and to be able to fix the missing file extensions.

After downloading the app, it immediately got to work and I noticed a couple of toast notifications at the top of my screen telling me that certain picture files had been renamed. Another great feature is that it also gives you a notification in the Hub letting you know that files have been repaired.


One thing I did notice after trialling the app was that it took a while, about 10 minutes, to find a picture that I had just saved from a BBM group chat. But I put that down to the amount of pictures I had on my device and SD card. So let it run it’s course, it will eventually find and fix the file extension automatically for you.

So if you have a BB10 device and have run into this issue before, download Extend and let it do the work for you. This app works perfectly for me and will save me a lot of time fixing up my picture files. Thanks for a great BB10 app CellNinja!!

To check out this great new app you can grab it from BlackBerry World. Please be sure to leave a great review/rating so the developer knows how much his work is appreciated. While you’re at it, check out the rest of the apps available from CellNinja HERE.

***Edit*** After speaking to the app developer, he’s looking at adding in a link or file location of the renamed file in the Hub notification. This will make it easy to find the particular file.