Pick Your Favorite Berry!


As the Priv by BlackBerry races through round after round of the Tom’s Guide Mobile Madness poll, it got me thinking. Why don’t we ever do this? Well, the answer was fairly obvious, because we all use BlackBerry’s around here. If we made a poll of a BlackBerry vs another OEM, the results would obviously end with the BlackBerry winning. Just like what is happening over at the Mobile Madness poll.

However BlackBerry does something that most others don’t do. They give users a real choice in device. It’s not simply large slab vs small slab, not is it 16gb vs 64gb. No, BlackBerry has produced different form factors for users different needs. Those differing form factors give us all we need to run our own poll.

Most of our readers have used many different current BlackBerry devices, there’s quite a few here who even carry around a couple of them (guilty as charged). Generally, if someone asks “What’s your favorite BlackBerry”, the answer should be, “mine”. But it doesn’t have to be.

We’re not asking what’s the best BlackBerry. This isn’t about specs. The question is, what’s your favorite BlackBerry. There can be any number of things that determine if you like this BlackBerry better than another. It could be the screen, it could be the keyboard, or a lack of a keyboard, or in the case of the Priv, it could even be which OS. Whatever the reason, we all have our favorite, and now it’s time to choose your own. It’s time to Pick Your Berry!

For the first round, we will place BlackBerry’s introductory BB10 devices up against each other. The premier all touch Z10, vs the workhorse keyboarded Q10. Which do you choose? And let us know why in the comments below!

Note: Pick Your Berry will be between currently supported BlackBerry devices. That means BB10 and Priv.





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