Pick Your Favorite Berry, Round Two!

The results of the first round of the Pick Your Favorite Berry Poll are in, and the winner is none other than the first BB10 device, the Z10! The three year old Z10 swept the Q10 away with 63% of the votes. There is a lot of love left over for Z10, and it’s a testament to the device how many are still using it as a daily driver. We will see the Z10 again in a later round.

For round two, I thought it would be fitting to look at BlackBerry’s second full touch slab, and the second the second phone that follows BlackBerry’s classic design.

The BlackBerry Z30 vs The BlackBerry Classic!









I know there are plenty of users out there that still count the Z30 as the greatest BlackBerry ever. I also know that Classic users seem to be some of the most loyal BlackBerry users. The Z30 brought full touch users a bigger screen, better specs, and premium build. The BlackBerry Classic saw a bigger screen, a bigger keyboard, and the return of the trackpad and toolbelt.

Between the Z30 and the Classic, which is your favorite?

Remember, only votes cast in the survey are counted, but let us know why you made your choice in the comments below.



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