Pick Your Favorite Berry! Round 3!

Round two of Pick Your Favorite Berry saw the BlackBerry Z30 win out over the BlackBerry Classic. With 70% of the vote, the Z30 really trounced the Classic.  It seems that that touch screens are getting all the love. Quite honestly, I don’t think that many of the voters have tried the Classic because that poll was way off. Just sayin’.

For round 3 of the Pick Your Favorite Berry we are looking at two of the most underrated BlackBerry 10 devices. As these devices are both budget devices, it seems that many have not given them a chance. Today we will see the BlackBerry Q5 go up against the BlackBerry Z3/Leap, yes, for the purpose of the poll, we are listing the Z3 and Leap as one device.


Most that I know that have used the Q5 liked it better than the Q10 because of the keyboard. The difference between the Curve style keyboard and the Bold style keyboard is fairly large, and those that choose those “chiclet” style keyboards, typically really love that style. The Leap/Z3, has lesser specs than the Z30, however many think the styling is a big upgrade to the Z3o. Likewise, I know a few that have switched from the Z30 to the Leap, yet say it feels like an upgrade after using it.

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