Pick Your Favorite Berry! Final Round!


Wow! In the race of the Priv by BlackBerry vs the BlackBerry Passport we saw the biggest lead yet! The BlackBerry Passport absolutely demolished the Priv by BlackBerry with 84% of the vote. It was nice to see a keyboarded device win, even if it was against another keyboarded device.

This number is very indicative of the audience here at UTB Blogs. Most of us here have come from BlackBerry 10, and know exactly how great the BlackBerry 10 OS truly is. In a time when most of us were only able to obtain a BB10 device via BlackBerry or Amazon at full price, as opposed to going in to any carrier location and grabbing our pick of any Android flagship device at a much cheaper subsidized price, we still chose BlackBerry 10. It should be obvious to all of us that had this poll taken place at an Android site, the final numbers would have been much different. And this is why we should all be happy that BlackBerry is giving us a choice.

For the final round of Pick Your Favorite Berry, to save time, I’ve decided to place all the winners of the previous rounds up against each other.

Once again, Pick Your Favorite Berry! And if you’re nice, we may come back with a Z-Series poll and a Q-Series poll.


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