Pick Your Favorite Berries! Round 4, The Big Guns!

In round 3, an all too familiar set of results appeared. The all touch BlackBerry Leap beat out the physical keyboard BlackBerry Q5 with 70% of the vote. For three rounds in a row, an all touch has beat out the physical qwerty keyboard. And for the second round, my choice has lost. We are all BlackBerry users here right? Remember BlackBerry is nearly synonymous with the physical keyboard.


It’s time for round 4, and this time, we’re bringing out the big guns! And both have a physical keyboard, and not just any physical keyboard at that. Both are sporting the BlackBerry exclusive capacitive touch physical keyboard! It’s time for the BlackBerry Passport to go up against the Priv by BlackBerry.

Flagship against flagship, the biggest and baddest BB10 device versus BlackBerry’s first entry in to Android! The BlackBerry Passport has been a favorite of most BlackBerry users. The work wide concept has brought a level of productivity unseen on any smartphone of the past. The Priv by BlackBerry has brought a level of security unseen by any android in the past. While the Passport uses the best mobile OS on the planet, the Priv brings Google Play Services and full access to apps to a BlackBerry created device.

Which do you choose?


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