PhoneDog ‘The Great Thing About BlackBerry Blend Is It Just Works’


Now we’re getting somewhere…

Fresh from giving the Passport the thumbs up (and I note it appearing in other PhoneDog videos so SOMEONE thinks it’s rather cool!) Cam over there has delved into BlackBerry Blend.

And he’s almost got it!

What I like about this review, Cam points out that Blend is seamless and it’s becoming pretty obvious that the more he uses BlackBerry 10 the more he likes it (surprise, surprise!). In fact, on Google + he describes this review as: ‘An overview of BlackBerry’s remote desktop client. It’s pretty awesome.’

What I don’t like – well, in the original preamble it would appear that Apple and Google’s solutions to this work too – but he glosses over the fact that whatever they do will ONLY WORK WITH THEIR STUFF whereas Blend will work with anything including a tablet (although the title does make that clear ‘BlackBerry Blend overview – Control your BlackBerry from your PC, Mac or tablet’ )!

So, all in all, fair’s fair. A good showing off for Blend and the power of BlackBerry 10.

Well done PhoneDog, not bad for a ‘dead company’, eh?

Oh, and if you want a laugh take a look at some of the comments on YouTube… in amongst all the positive comments (and there are loads!) from the growing number of people slowly but surely saying ‘yep, I’m coming #BackToBlack’ are the dwindling numbers of tools that are still living in 2012…

Blackberry was back in the day now it’s an ugly device 


Motorola had this years ago. Before Android. Just another attempt to stay alive from a company on death row.

Seriously, they really are making themselves look pretty stupid now.

Especially the one who can’t even spell his favourite Android OS…


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