Phone addicts



Having a few of those fur-bearing mammals known as teenagers, I feel qualified as a quasi-expert in their peculiar behaviors, especially as they relate to cell phones.

It appears many teens, even twenty and thirty-somethings have cell phones which are anatomically affixed to their palms. While it is easy to become addicted to ‘our precious‘ there are a few things one must consider.

Not so long ago you had to look at a wall clock to get the time, look for a wall, desk, or pay phone to make a call, find a desktop computer to send an email, buy a fancy SLR camera to take a decent picture (which would be stored in a photo album), carry around a ‘Day Timer’ to keep track of appointments, carry an address book to keep track of names, numbers, and addresses, use a VHS or Beta to watch a movie, or carry a radio, boom box, or Walkman to listen to music.

Fast forward 20 years and all these devices and then some have been magically encased in glass and plastic half the thickness of a pack of cigarettes. It boggles the mind what the next 20 years will hold in store!

But I digress. When having access to apps, Internet and all the aforementioned utilities is it no wonder that people keep their phones velcroed to their palms?

Herein lies the problem. At some point people need to ‘unplug’, spend some time away from electronics, experience life, drink in the looks, sound, smells, and enjoy everyday events in real-time.

For the past few weeks I’ve gotten into the practice of limiting the kids to one hour per day on their phone. Whether it’s watching a movie, listening to music, or texting, 60 minutes of use is an hour (even in metric, so I’m told).

The net result is we talk more, do more things together as a family and when we are together it’s not 4 individuals staring down at a screen.

I would strongly encourage more folks to take an ‘electronic break’ and interact more with those around you – at the risk of sounding like some old codger, time moves so fast….

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