People Want the BlackBerry Evolve

The survey results are in!

Earlier this month BlackBerry’s Indian licensee presented the BlackBerry Evolve and Evolve X. These phones are quite different from the other phones which we’ve been seeing with the BlackBerry name on them. Of course, being created by a different manufacturer and built for a different market, that much would be assumed. However, there seemed to be quite a bit of interest in the phones in the market which TCL/BlackBerry Mobile serves. We wanted to know what people thought about the devices, and created a quick poll. Actually, two quick polls.

The first survey was specifically for our readers in the market which Optiemus serves. In this survey, we asked if people would be purchasing a new Evolve model device, and which device that would be. The current results to the poll show that 61.05% of respondents are planning to purchase the Evolve X, while only 11.58% are looking forward to the lower spec and lower cost Evolve. 27.37% are saying they will not be picking up either of the devices. Let’s hope that’s because they just purchased a BlackBerry KEY2 which is currently available in that market.

The second survey was for those of us that are outside of Optiemus’ market and can’t readily purchase a device. It was a simple two question poll asking if people would like to see an Evolve model make it’s way into our market. The answer was a resounding yes with 83.19% of respondents wanting to see the full touch devices made available to them. Only 16.81% are fine with whichever device they’re already using.

Now, there has been no indication whatsoever that TCL/BlackBerry Mobile will be producing or reselling the Evolve devices in it’s market. However, with Optiemus releasing both the BlackBerry KEYone and KEY2 in it’s market we know that it would be possible if they chose to do so. There does seem to be some interest from current BlackBerry users in seeing the devices here.

So how about it BlackBerry Mobile? How about bringing a small batch over from Optiemus and seeing how they sell?



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