People are writing whole books on BlackBerry phones

Don't just Think Different...
Don’t just Think Different…

It has been almost two weeks since I proudly became the owner of a new BlackBerry Passport device.  The one thing I noticed after getting my device was that my productivity immediately increased, especially at my job.  On a typical day, I receive lots of emails with all types of documents, drawings, spreadsheets, which I can respond to on the go without having to go to my desk or laptop.  And the resolution, screen real estate, and the 60 characters wide screen makes browsing a website, reading an online book or viewing documents a pleasurable and productive experience.

In addition, the Blend feature is out of this world.  Receiving messages,notifications and being able to access the file systems on my laptop, as well as my tablet means that I can switch between them without missing a beat.  For the last year and a half, I have been using my Z10 as my primary device and I did start getting used to the virtual keyboards.  But within a day or two on my Passport, I rediscovered the joy of using a physical keyboard device, which up to a month or two ago I thought would never happen.

On the website, there is a must read article titled “People are writing whole books on BlackBerry phones”, by Lee Mathews.  In it, he points out that while many former BlackBerry devices have moved on to other platforms, there are those users who value productivity that have stuck with the physical keyboard devices.  He then explains that there are several authors who have written entire books on their BlackBerry devices.


A great number of people gave up on BlackBerry a long, long time ago. Not these three authors, however. They’ve written entire novels on their beloved QWERTY phones.

BlackBerry’s Biz Blog post begins “nothing says productivity like a physical keyboard,” and it’s hard to argue that when you read what these folks did with their phones. These aren’t long-winded emails or lengthy SMS conversations with friends, after all. They’re full-blown books.

English journalist Geordie Greig cranked out a whopping 80,000 words on his BlackBerry. That’s more than 270 pages of text for Breakfast with Lucian entered letter by letter using only his thumbs. Why do it on a BlackBerry? Greig’s work schedule didn’t afford him many opportunities to write for long stretches, so he’d whip out his phone and peck in a few lines at a time.

Fantasy writer Brett Restall has a similar tale. Running his own small businesses didn’t leave him much free time to work on a trilogy he’d dreamed up, so eventually he started typing it out on his BlackBerry. After knocking out 50 pages he uploaded them to Publisher’s Desk, where Sweden’s Elementá picked it up.

The last writer BlackBerry profiled, Doug Shuler, also wrote in short spurts during his free time. He didn’t own a laptop, so he leaned on his QWERTY phone instead. Before making the move to a larger screen, Shuler managed to crank out three books on his BlackBerry.

I’ve got to admit: reading BlackBerry’s post actually made me a tad nostalgic. As much as I love my big, beautiful Galaxy Note 3, there was something very satisfying about the physical keyboard on my crappy old BlackBerry Curve. Maybe it’s time I take that funky Passport for a test  drive…

So there you have it folks.  The author Lee Matthews did take a few shots at BlackBerry and the Passport, but even he cannot ignore the positive response that the Passport is receiving and the fact that there is such a demand for it that its inventory sells out very quickly wherever it goes on sale.  As BlackBerry CEO Chen said, the Passport is built specifically with enterprise and people who value productivity in mind.

For those who value productivity and are always on the go and need a device that can keep up with their hectic schedule, there is no other choice but a BlackBerry

For those who have switched to other platforms, due to fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) spread by its competitors, but find that their productivity has suffered with their new smartphone, you can always come #BackToBlack

For others that are tired of the lack of privacy, poor battery life  or the last operating system upgrade that was supposed to be backward compatible, but instead made their phones unusable, you don’t have to suffer.  Retire that phone, put it in the bin or sell it on eBay and get yourself a BlackBerry.

You will be glad that you did.


Web99 enjoys tech and has tried smartphones on all the major platforms. Out of all devices he has tried, BlackBerry10 best fulfills his needs.

  • ray689

    Productivity at its finest

  • nnik

    Just make suggestions to dump that old phone soon….before everyone else catches on. Amazing article, didn’t know people actually wrote books on these phones

  • Really? Books? I’m impressed. I can’t sometimes to write smth on the paper, so I ask for help in But books on these phones. I’ll take it into account.