Pennsylvania State Representive Bullies Elderly Woman

State Representative Brian Sims makes a mockery of free speech while harassing the elderly.

There are protestors, and there are bullies. Brian Sims, a member of the Pennsylvania House of Representitives is nothing but a bully. The former college football captain believed it was a good idea to livestream himself harassing an elderly woman on the street.

The street that served as the location for the attack, was on the street outside of a Planned Parenthood location. The Democrat rep Sims states in his video, that the lone woman was protesting in front of the location, and goes on to berate the woman, repeatedly calling her an “old white woman.” During his harassment of the woman, he proceeds to ask for donations to Planned Parenthood.

Throughout the video, Sims manages to hit on all party tactics. He calls the woman racist. He asks his followers to dox the woman and go protest in front of her home. He boasts of his right to free speech while attempting to silence her speech. When the woman prays on the rosary, he breaks into an anti-religion tirade. Throughout the whole ordeal, the state rep sounds as if he believes he is an extra in an old episode of Game of Thrones calling out shame. All while showing an inability to even button up his own shirt.

In the course of the nearly 10 minute video we see in Brian Sims what is wrong with today’s American politics. Sims finds an smaller, older, female to harass on the streets. He continually berates her for her age, race and sex while claiming she is racist. He verbally assaults the woman in order to silence her. People within Sim’s party continuosly claim that political discussion are calls to violence, as Sims asks his followers to find out where this woman lives and to go to her home.

Can’t believe a state representative would actually commit such offenses? Watch the video and see for yourself.

Shame on you Brian Sims. Shame on you for making racist, ageist, sexist attacks. Shame on you for trying to rob fellow Americans of their speech. Shame on you for attacking an American for their right to practice religion. Here’s hoping voters in your district see this video and recall you sooner than later.


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