noun: peloton; plural noun: pelotons  (the main field or group of cyclists in a race)

The at-home fitness equipment market is worth a staggering $14 billion! Presently about 60 million Americans have gym memberships, spending a shocking $30 billion per year! A survey held estimated that roughly 54 % of Americans voiced some interest in buying at-home fitness equipment. This market has its own niche specifically cut out for the adamant fitness wannabee in us. There is however just one problem! “…What equipment am I going to buy?”

There are thousands of fitness apparatus out there, some claim what makes you think you are going to have the body of a Greek god, while others are more modest in their approach to bring you what you want according to what you can afford. Which bring us to OnePeloton. They offer you a bit of both. They provide you, the end-user with a package to be part of a digital community of fitness fans from all around the globe. An assemblage where you can do cardio & strength training in so many new and interesting ways with unrestricted member participation. And you can do this within the comfort of your own home. OnePeloton is a bicycle boutique on its own…no more driving to the gymnasium anymore! It is effortless, it’s efficient, and it’s everything everyone ever sought after in an at-home fitness environment. They say what they mean and mean what they say. OnePeloton cycles are the trend these days and they are taking the world by storm every cardio day of the way.

Let’s take an inside look at the OnePeloton cycling sensation!


OnePeloton offer you daily classes with sensational selections that you can join. There are 14 “Live Studios” which make the gathering fun, each of which have about maximum participation of about 50 people or so, but being globally interactive right from the start you can choose from thousands on-demand workout classes at any time, which is where your membership, the ambiance of an interactive screen and committed tutors comes in quite handy-andy. You can personally choose your ride base on length & category. It offers beginner classes, as well as ones focused on climbs, intervals, low & power impact rides. It focuses more about the experience than the workout. A sort of “diversion” from the act of real-exercise that no gymnasium can offer. You can also choose between themed rides, scenic rides or the just ride option, with accompanying music from the 80’s rock, 90’s, the disco era and so forth. The classes vary in time from 20 minutes to 90 minutes, and there are also 5 & 10-minute warm ups and cool down sessions. To top it all, every OnePeloton instructor is a certified trainer. This is a high quality instruction session so, you’re in safe hands!


Spinning cycles are a fun way to keep you fit & slim. The OnePeloton bike setup cost is also a fun way to keep you slim & fit but with the perk of knowing that you know where your investment will take you! It’s a cycling academy that has no equal! It’s really worth getting the Mount Everest of spinning bikes that’s for sure. It’s a carbon steel spinning monster with foot petals of pure aluminium with industrial grade bracket support, it’s a cycle for the 21st century fitness enthusiast, it’s a bike made for mass consumption. That’s why it boasts a dazzling 22 inch HD screen with an imposing sound system and a front facing camera for interactive sessions. You can pace yourself without being pugnacious on the stride of the gymnasium instructor who is canning your energy into 2 minutes of pure agony. OnePeloton is fashioned for the present day workout wanderer, especially tailored for the fitness needs in all of us.


This is a remarkable piece of exercise equipment and it’s ready to be shipped off to you for the right price tag. OnePeloton kindly offer the potential buyer with a few brow wiping options which come in packages. The Basic package will cost you around $2200, you will get the cycle, delivery & setup with a full warranty. The Essential package you will get all-inclusive as within the basic but also a pair of cycling shoes, weights and head phones for roughly $2400. For the Works package you get a bicycle mat and a heart rate monitor with all the pre-mentioned peripherals for about $70 more than the essential package. And lastly the Family package you will get two pairs of cycling shoes, two head phones, two heart rate monitors and two water bottles with all peripherals for approximately $2650.

In addition to each bike package, you have to have “The Membership Access” to unlimited array of routines and challenges which come at a cost of $39 per month.

You can also get the official OnePeloton apparel online!


Live Instructors riding by your side, like the very popular Alex Toussaint!


OnePeloton is a world-class indoor cycling studio experience! That’s a fact! What is also a fact is that it’s fast growing and everyone wants in. It certainly serves an ace when you can have celebrity endorsements as testimonial to your sparkling success when the soul society of scintillating spinners sweating in solitary sessions with several savvy shows shall find so sensually synergy structured in this shining societal super show! Ladies & Gentleman this is what OnePeloton is ALL ABOUT!

People who are associated with the brand are the cream of the crop in their respective ecospheres, people like Football star David Beckham, Actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Hugh Jackman, Olympic swimming sensation Michael Phelps, former US president Barack Obama and his wife Michelle, Television host Ellen DeGeneres, Billionaire Sir Richard Branson, ex BlackBerry VP Alex Thurber, Actress Melissa Joan Hart, songster Pharrel Williams, musician Nick Lachey, Television personalities Jimmy Fallon and Ryan Seacrest, Musical sensation Ciara, Supermodel Gisele Bündchen, Self-help guru Tony Robbins, Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn, Musician Diddy,  pro cyclists Christian Vande Velde and George Hincapie and Actress Kate Hudson are just a drop in the feeding bucket that OnePeloton is using to nourish the attentiveness amongst us, the potential buyer.

From our friend Alex Thurber’s response on Twitter, you will know what exactly the social impact is that the Peloton cycle has on its audience!

SEEING (your results) IS BELIEVING

But you won’t find them riding under their famous names. They challenge their competitiveness against one another under pseudonyms along with thousands of fellow fitness friends. You too can join them and actually be proud to be part of this echelon that’s taking the world by storm. And posting your results won’t be taking the wind out of your sails as it would for them. Well, not if you are Hugh Jackman, “The Greatest Showman” actor had to call PelotonHQ to change his profile name of “HJGO” because he accidently used his iPhone to snap a picture of his exercise achievement.

Ranking at number 10, …not bad at all Wolverine!


But you ask, “…it’s not only for the rich and the famous, is it?” Absolutely not…you and I can also enjoy riding along with OnePeloton! Just ask; Nolan, Michael & Patrick

Nolan of Alexandria, VA (Original review: Aug. 22, 2018)

My wife was in New York and saw the Peloton store while she was up there visiting. She was enthralled, so I figured it would be a great gift. When it arrived I was truly impressed. It has a very modern design, sleek. And very sturdy and well built. As nice (probably nicer) than any fancy bike you will see in a gym or studio.

Michael of Las Vegas, NV (Original review: Oct. 21, 2018)

I love spin classes but getting to the gym on the gym’s schedule is very tough. I have my bike for three years now and I have used it continuously. The instructors are all professionals – just different styles. The single best spin class I have ever taken was a George Hincapie Peloton Class where he took the class through a high drama Tour de France stage with his TDF teammates on bikes in the room.

Patrick of Coppell, TX (Original review: Feb. 26, 2019)

This was delivered exactly when they said, and the team sent out was professional and very helpful. This is a very high-quality product! Owning a Peloton is not just owning a piece of exercise equipment. It is an immersive experience. You instantly become part of a very supportive community. In just two months, it has changed my life. It has added to my happiness.

So as you can see, OnePeloton cycles are made for everyone. If you want to know more, get in touch with the brand on their social networking handles.


While OnePeloton has called itself the “Netflix of fitness, it’s surely not the monopoly in the fitness world. Other too are capitalizing on bringing you “a greener you” through streaming fitness. Flywheelis a studio based cycling corporation with 43 locations across America. Rumble, is more inclined with streaming boxing classes, it recently partnered with Technogym and will expand its fitness footprint. Like Rumble, Fight Camp refers to them as your full Studio Boxing Gym in your home.  Nordic Track which connects treadmills on a streaming format will increase its visibility with a connected bike and matching rowers. CityRow from New York which is a platform for connected rowers is also bolting muscles with the water rowing committee. So is Hydrow, the silver rower which offer professional rowers as personal instructors. Tonal, a connected weight pulling machine resembles a larger than life mobile phone with arms stretching out resistance cords to the user for multiple exercises. Mirror is a streaming service that literally hangs on your wall. It streams cardio classes with an instructor!

So the streaming exercise podium has a vision expanding day by day and luckily for us, we are fortunate in this time to be at the helm of this technological breakthrough.


OnePeloton Tread is brand new & here to meet your fitness encounter! This is part of the private fitness studio experience designed for your specific workout! With a shock-absorbing slat belt, 32inch HD touchscreen display & sound bar, innovative speed & incline knobs and a sturdy carbon-steel frame! Yes…this is a machine that’s made to function. The OnePeloton Tread is contrived to conquer your challenges. Find your own schedules, total body, floor, running and walking, OnePeloton Tread can seamlessly adjust to your needs. It’s smooth, comfortable and let you control on the fly, designed for the most low-impact training experiences at home. With instructors like Robin Arzon & Rebecca Kennedy, It’s definitely the next level!!


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