Pedestrian Killed in Self Driving Uber Accident

Uber has halted all street testing of autonomous vehicles.

Are autonomous vehicles ready for prime time? Not yet. While fully autonomous vehicle tech is a hot business, the whole thing seems to be moving just a bit too fast. A death during Uber testing may just force the testing to slow.

Sunday night in Tempe Arizona, an Uber test vehicle struck and killed 49 year old pedestrian Elaine Herzberg. While the vehicle was in autonomous mode, it did have a safety driver in the vehicle when the incident happened. Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, who had previously courted testing companies to test in his state had just updated his prior executive order which would have allowed unmanned self-driving cars on the roads of Arizona.

A preliminary investigation has shown that the vehicle was traveling around 40 miles per hour and did not appear to have slowed down prior to hitting Herzberg. Uber has halted all testing as the accident is investigated by both the company and authorities.

Source: New York Times


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