Pebbles Turn for some Apple Abuse?



Traditionally Apple will squash or attempt to squash all competitors and Pebble just happens to have fallen into that category.

A couple of days ago there were several articles and news feeds proclaiming that Apple has cut off compatibility of Pebble and it’s iPhone, of course the reason for this is obvious. Since then we see even more news that this was all a big mistake. So…Did Apple screw up again (common) or are they lying (just as common).

We will have to look into this a bit further.

First; Pebble is compatible with almost anything out there, it will work with BlackBerry 10, ios, Android and it will work with windows phone. This makes it a threat to the Apple phone, especially since the battery life is 10 days on the Pebble as opposed to the 18 hrs on the Apple wearable. In all fairness I will disclose I am using the Time Steel as comparison, it will be released in July and I believe this to be the model that’s going to cause Apple the most grief. It (Pebble) can also run more apps seeing as it can run ios and android.

So you can see why I am skeptical of Apples recent claims that the incompatibility issue experienced by Pebble users was an accident, an oversight…..a screw-up.


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