PayPal Shutting Down 3 of 5 Mobile Apps


Paypal has announced that with it’s latest mobile app updates, it will be discontinuing app support for Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Amazon. devices as of June 30th. Paypal shall only be providing app support to iOS and Android through their respective official app stores.

Paypal notes that BBM users will still be able to use PayPal for peer to peer transfers through BBM, and that users shall be able to continue to use the PayPal add-in to send money directly from their inbox. Likewise, BlackBerry, Windows, and Amazon users can continue to use the mobile web experience.

Before an uproar starts, I’d like to offer that after using the PayPal app once, since then, I’ve only used the Mobile Web version for anything that I could not do via BBM. The Mobile Web version is more full featured than the app, and easier to navigate. I know many out there will think this is simply UTB making an excuse for an app leaving the platform. It is not. I’d prefer the app still continue to be offered and supported, however I would still continue to use the mobile web version.

I do wish that PayPal would end support for all mobile apps, because they’re simply not needed. The mobile experience is better than the app experience, however, we know that Android and iOS users require apps. Not because they are necessarily needed, I verified that the mobile site works just as well on my PRIV, but because users of those platforms are used to having apps, where as many BB10 and Windows Phone users are quite used to using our browsers. Think about it BlackBerrians, Android and iOS users require things like apps for YouTube, apps for flashlights and the like. I would bet that if PayPal removed it’s app from these platforms it would see a loss of business, whether those users could use their mobile web or not.

A hint for BB10/Paypal users that have been using an app.

Use PayPal through the BlackBerry Password Keeper.
1. Add website, username and password to Password Keeper App
2. Click “Copy Password”
3. Press the site address, choose open through Password Keeper
4. Type in Login, Paste password.
5. Do your business with ease.



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  • alan510

    I use PayPal frequently for on line purchases. The check out always defaults to my sign in page on the Web. On those occasions that I needed to send money to someone, I too went to the website. Always nice to have the apps I guess but I never used it. Thanks for the tip on Password Manager, it:s a good one.

  • Nayalm

    Thanks to IoT we don’t need to rely on a buggy app launcher device, nor a buggy app.
    All you need is a regular browser and a RealTime+MultiTask OS and……..wait
    Just get BlackBerry10!!!!

  • Anthony

    BB10 doesn’t need an app for everything locco_smiley_10

  • fahedalderbi

    Thanks Brad for your useful tip I use BlackBerry Password Keeper a lot but I didn’t know about the ability to log in thru Password Keeper

  • Poita316

    Please raise your hand if you either knew this app existed or used it.
    I didn’t know niether, and still not missing it I guess.

  • mrabody

    I downloaded the paypal app, took at one look at the app permissions it e
    required and promptly deleted it. If you value your privacy run a mile from the app.