Patently false… Globe and Fail?

Come on Barrie McKenna. You must be joking… or maybe it’s coincidentally 420 day… right?



Dearest Barrie has posted an “article” on the Globe and Mail site picking on BlackBerry patents. He cites a US Supreme court case regarding  the frivolity of tech based patent cases in general. I can understand that… Hell, I can even get behind that! But Barrie… just what are you getting at regarding BlackBerry and John Chen?


Of the “hundreds of thousands” of patents referred to, BlackBerry has approximately 44,000 either wholly owned or shared with others (after a joint purchase of Nortel patents) last time we checked. BlackBerry is not in the business of being a patent troll. Shell companies do that. Oh… and Apple (rounded corners anyone?). What BlackBerry IS doing is defending their actual and real property. A “case” in point (pun intended) is the current litigation regarding Typo, the faux keyboard for iPhone 5/5s. If ever there was an infringement, this is text book, and seriously needs to be first up in the court’s batting order.

Look at what Barrie says… “The case is narrowly about a computerized method of limiting currency transaction risks developed by Alice Corp .of Australia”  No information to back this vacuous statement up, nor is there an explanation as to how it refers to BlackBerry.

None of what is referred to can be viewed as being BlackBerry specific. So what is your game here “G and M”? Own APPL shares? Maybe GOOG? Here he goes again… “That brings us back to BlackBerry, whose future is dependent on exploiting similar kinds of software.”

Similar to what? And just so you know… Our legal sources disagree with you.

***Update*** Our good friend and colleague ital1 gave me information that my patent number (over 5100) was way off base. Truly it was, as ital1 correctly pointed out my info was old. The real number of patents is approx. 44,000. Wow! Forbes and Seeking Alpha

Thanks ital1!

Next up… let’s look at Fisch Hoffman Sigler LLP in Washington, D.C. “Fisch and Battaglia named World’s Leading Litigation Lawyers” 

Are we as BlackBerry supporters curious?


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