Past, Present, and the Future here at UTB.

First and foremost, to our supporters all of us here at UTB would like to extend a gracious Thank You. For what had originally started as an escape for a few of us due to frustrations (that will remain unmentioned for now) and has transformed into what we have before us today.

In these few short months we have transformed from a BBM Channel (C00155B87), to a website, to our present form of blogging news and other stories and an ever more active forums site too! Without your support and feedback we would not be in this place today.

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Unlike some, we try to keep a balance of fun and serious here at UTB, but with one thing always at the forefront, whole truth! Good AND bad, the whole story will be represented as much as we are able to or allowed. With a constant eye always on the lookout, from multiple time zones even, we have an edge on the “bleeding edge”. Pair that with the ever-growing familiar names from even our own past, good things are coming for sure!

We have expanded our accessibility over the last few weeks even. From channels, to making our mobile site even more friendly for our beloved BlackBerry handsets, using a rss feed so Tapatalk works. Obviously making visual changes to our desktop site too and finally, with a great big thank you to Brandon Orr, our very own UTB app that even made it into the “top free” list in BlackBerry World!

All of this leads us to one question for you the readers and supporters. Is there something we here at UTB can do or change to make your experience more enjoyable? Please, make your voices heard in our forum here.
We will listen.
Again from me, @Mopar_fxr and the rest of us here at UTB, thank you for joining us here in our home Under The Bridge.

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