Passport Black and Gold Limited Edition – Pics

Truth be told I’m typically an early adapter of new tech, but I held off on the Passport in favor of the rumored high-spec Z50. Every day my resolve would wear down a little bit more as others in this group kept going on about the great things the Passport had to offer. But my job situation was about to change so I was convinced there really wasn’t any justification to “Work Wide“.


And then I saw it.




ShopBlackBerry posted a picture of the soon to be released Limited Edition Black and Gold Passport and it was game over. Wasting no time I quickly bookmarked the page and checked in 20 – 30 times a day as it was shown to be ‘In Stock’. When I clicked the ‘Buy Now’ link I received an error message. This only strengthened my resolve – I will claim one of these bad-boys no matter what!  The morning of the 21st a friend BBM’d me stating that they were in stock.  Within minutes I was on the site completing my purchase.  I still had this nagging feeling I would receive an email stating the Limited Edition Passport was backordered but would be available ‘soon‘.  Lo and behold a short time later I received a confirmation email stating my order was being processed and a tracking number would be sent shortly.

Biggly posted the unboxing video including the surprise that BlackBerry was gracious enough to include with the order-

I now feel like one of the members of ‘Club Passport’ and look forward to the sheer enjoyment of learning what the Best Smartphone of 2014 can accomplish¹.

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If you were on the fence about BlackBerry before – isn’t it time you came BackToBlack?


¹ The IT Nerd, Gearburn, Reddit


Next up, my first impressions


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