Passengers Horrified as Her iPhone Bursts Into Flames During Flight

bbbIt’s something that has been mentioned in the comments of nearly every iPhone bursting in to flames story that we’ve posted here at UTB. What would happen if an iPhone burst into flames during a flight. Well it has finally happened.

Anna Crail was flying to Hawaii on a Spring Break trip. The flight from Bellingham WA was headed to Hawaii with 163 passengers on board. 90 minutes from Hawaii and high above the Pacific Ocean flames burst from the iPhone 6. In Crail’s words

“All of the sudden, there was like 8-inch flames coming out of my phone, and I flipped it off onto the ground and it got under someone’s seat, and the flames were just getting higher, and a bunch of people stood up.”

With the iPhone aflame under seats on the plane, the crew thankfully sprung to action, and put out the fire. Although Crail’s initial thoughts were that the plane was going down due to the sight of the fire, thankfully no one was hurt.

With the iPhone’s history of bursting in to flames, having previously injured people, and setting clothes and people’s beds on fire, we have wondered in the past about allowing them on planes. After all, airlines were quick to ban hoverboards from airplanes and airports over the last year. So now what happens now that an iPhone has actually exploded on a plane? Apparently nothing.

Aviation expert John Nance was quoted in the source stating that there is little concern of cell phones exploding in airplanes.

“First of all, it would have to be an occurrence on a daily basis before that would ever be tolerated by the flying public. This is not the sort of situation where you have a hoverboard in the overhead, or stuffed in baggage, which is a big concern. The iPhones are almost universal on your person or right by you, so this is not something that’s not going to be discovered until it’s a problem.”

Funny, I don’t remember hoverboards exploding in planes on a daily basis either. In fact, after a quick internet search, I can’t find a single case of a hoverboard exploding on a plane. With Apple planning on making the iPhone even thinner, the fear of the phones, and the batteries inside, being damaged and increases. Will you feel safe on a flight sitting next to an iPhone user?




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  • nnik

    Nothing involving Apple and people’s stupidity in allowing the product anymore, natural selection has commenced…with some collateral damage along the way I suppose.

  • SipoKapumba

    What would have happened if that phone was in the baggage hold?

  • Run… run away from an iPhone user. Beware of the iFlame / iFire / iExplode phones.


    It is quite reassuring, that the airline industry balances the safety of their passengers on the unlikely event, that one of these i-bombs isn’t stuffed into an overhead storage bin, or lost in the luggage storage hold. One must ask how many i-bombs must detonate; how many planes must fall before this is recognized as a real danger and something is done about it.

  • Anthony

    It could be an ISIS iPhone. locco_smiley_25

    • razrrob

      Tim Crook loves terrorists so much he should release a Special Edition iSIS phone with iCloud backup disabled

      • Anthony

        The battery would die sooner because half of it is an explosive ready to be activated with an app. locco_smiley_39

  • Schmurf

    *intoned in the voice of Marvin the Martian* “Where’s the kaboom? There’s supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom!”

  • Sweet Mystery

    I wouldn’t particularly want to sit next to an iPhone user anyway.