Panera Bread Leaked Online Customer’s Data

Yet another big data leak has occurred. This time the leak has been brought to you by the Panera Bread restaurant chain. The chain was leaking the information of millions of customers who registered to the company’s website, and it took eight months for Panera to handle it. is the website of of the restaurant chain located in the US and Canada, and until today it was leaking very sensitive information about their customers. The leak was found by Dylan Houlihan that informed Panera in August 2017. That means that for eight months no one in Panera’s management team took any action to fix it. Today (4/2/18) after KrebsonSecurity reached out to the company, they shut down the web site to fix the leak.

Panera Bread

This data leak exposed email addresses, physical addresses, names, credit card numbers and the loyalty accounts of millions of the company’s customers. It will take time to determine how many customer’s information was really exposed and how many hackers succeeded in taking advantage of this big leak.

If you are a Panera’s customer, you should carefully check your bank account’s movements.



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