Owning it.


Whether at work or in our personal life there is a concept referred to as ‘Owning it‘. It may mean different things to different folks but to me it has always meant admitting to something, typically a fault or mistake by not finger pointing or putting the blame on someone else. But it goes a step further- you freely admit to the mistake before being confronted, discuss possible solutions and encourage feedback so the others may learn from your mistake and hopefully it doesn’t happen again. In my professional life I’ve seen people’s careers screech to a halt due to their refusal to Own It.

Earlier today I ran across an article entitled, “Apple Silently Patched macOS Security Bypass Flaw“. In it the author relays that-

Apple has silently patched a macOS vulnerability that can be exploited to bypass one of the operating system’s security features and execute arbitrary JavaScript code without restrictions.

So giving the ‘profit at all cost’ folks in Cupertino the benefit of the doubt, my initial thought was that this was an isolated, one-off occurrence, simply a blip on the OS radar and nothing more. But the skeptic in me couldn’t help but run a G**gle search and guess what I found? There were two other times this year alone where ‘silent patches’ were rolled out – once in February with the Xagent patch and again in March with the Proton patch.

Switch gears – with the advent of BlackDroid, BlackBerry has taken great pains in identifying vulnerabilities, addressing the flaws, rolling them out on a monthly basis AND doing so way before other manufacturers are even aware of the vulnerabilities. On occasion they may be delayed by a few days but this exemplifies the dedication to a secure platform and safe usage for consumers and business users. When you contrast this with the ‘behind closed doors’, secretive patching of flaws you can’t help but wonder why would they continue this practice? Maybe iOS is more interested in protectng their stock price than customers privacy? Naw…



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