Is it me, or are there an overload of app updates???

Lately I have been regularly posting about BlackBerry Android App updates and they seem to be happening weekly or more regularly than that. I enjoy seeing app updates because it means the trusted apps that I have (and some that I may or may not trust) have taken the time to fix their bugs. This pic shows my update screen from yesterday.


I don’t want to become the “BlackBerry Android app update guy” because they are quick and simple shares but I do believe in sharing the information that I find out in the world. As I prepare to flip to Android as a daily driver, these app updates will be more prominent in my day to day. The one thing that confuses me about the updates, if you look at the dates (it shows 4 days ago, a week ago, whatever) but I check daily and the apps present themselves.

Some of my challenges with updates are that they usually seem like “here comes another bug fix”. But recently, there have been some significant UI changes, sticker and emoji “improvements”, and the typical bug improvements. When I talk about app updates here, I mean all of the apps I use. I find that Gas buddy is now tracking my movements and creating trips for me. I’m not quite sure I signed up for that lol, but I get to decide do I keep using the app that is tracking me or do I drop it because I value my privacy? Decisions, decisions, decisions…

I am and will be for a very long time, a BlackBerry supporter. I have purchased or used more BlackBerry devices than anyone I know (outside of the hardcore fans here and elsewhere) and I love change. Changing of devices always brings about the opportunity to revisit the apps and set-ups we have and do a little spring cleaning. That brings me back to my main point, does anyone else notice the massive increase of app updates lately or is it just me? I believe that the updates are usually a good thing. My one beef is with the emojis that are with BBM, they have lost the BlackBerry BBM emojis which I prefer over the new ones. I guess change is inevitable and I need to go with the change (even if I don’t like it) or I will become that crusty old man saying “Back in my day…”

What do you think of the daily check on your BlackBerry Android devices? Personally I see anywhere from 1 to 23 (which I had yesterday) updates waiting for me. Are you a daily checker of updates or do you just check in weekly or even monthly? Sound off below with your thoughts on the app updates that you are seeing.

BTW, check for your updates and see if you have some waiting for you.

Kevin Button

Kevin is a BlackBerry enthusiast and is known to be shouting it from the tops of mountains.