OurMine Hacks Add a Variety of Trouble

OurMine’s latest hack is a change to their modus operandi, and added Variety to their victim list.

Too much of the same thing gets boring. OurMine must have discovered this. After several “hacks” of social networks, OurMine hacked a site. The site was Variety, which aptly added variety to their resume.

On Saturday, OurMine gained access to the Variety site, and created a post about their hack. That wasn’t all they did though. They spammed readers with a series of emails directing those readers to their post. In typical fashion, the message stated “Hacked by #OurMine” and as usual, went on to say they are just testing their security.

OurMine’s past “hacks” have not actually been hacks at all. Instead, they’ve simply logged in to accounts using passwords which were obtained from previous social network hacks. Note to users: If your account has been hacked, and you use the same login information for multiple accounts, change the password on ALL your accounts. Something tells me if everyone did this, OurMine would be one annoyance that would go away.


Source: Engadget


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