Our Favorite BBM Feature Is…

We asked, you answered, and the winner is?

Last week we had a multi-part survey. The question was, “What is your favorite BBM feature?”. The survey had to be multi-part because there are simply too many BBM features to host in one survey.

In our first post we asked users to comment what their favorite features were. From those comments, we took the top three choices, by number of comments, and set them up against each other in a follow up post.

The top three features were, in no specific order.

Glympse integration which allows for live location sharing.

BBM Channels, the social network which lives inside of our favorite chat app.


BBMoji, one of the newer features which provides users with animated gif stickers personalized with their own faces.

After a week of voting, the numbers are in, and it was no contest.

BBM Channels is our favorite BBM feature, coming in with 60.32% of the vote. BBM Channels more than doubled the next favorite feature which was Glympse integration which arrived with 25.4% of the vote. Trailing behind with a surprising low 14.28% of the vote came BBMoji. This really shocked me as I certainly know a lot of users that love BBMoji. I guess they just don’t match the draw of BBM Channels, and that is something I can understand.

Congratulations to BBM Channels for being the favorite feature of BBM. But don’t get to used to that crown. BBM is constantly bringing new features, and once we see a few more new ones, we’ll be asking our readers to pick their favorite again!

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